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August 31, 2020
Africa is investing more in space and satellite industry

Lagos, Nigeria (SPX) Aug 25, 2020
Space in Africa, the authority on news, data, and market analysis for the African space industry has released the 2020 Edition of the African Space Industry Annual Report. The report builds on the 2019 industry report which reported the industry is over USD 7 billion of annual revenues and is projected to grow at a 7.3% compound annual growth rate to exceed USD 10 billion by 2024. 2019 was the best year in the history of the African space industry with over USD 717 million spent on satellite projects. U ... read more

Pentagon announces $17.4M in contracts under Defense Production Act
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 21, 2020
The Pentagon announced contracts totaling $17.4 million on Friday to retain contractors' workforce capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. ... more
Tech combo is a real game-changer for farming
Beijing (XNA) Aug 18, 2020
Global acceptance and application of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System will gather momentum on the back of further integration with telecom technologies like 5G and the internet of things, ... more
Launch of Russia's Glonass-K satellite postponed until October
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 16, 2020
The launch of Russia's next-generation Glonass-K navigation satellite, which has been postponed several times since March, is planned for mid-October, a space industry revealed on Saturday. "T ... more
GPS 3 receives operational acceptance
Los Angeles AFB CA (SPX) Aug 12, 2020
The United States Space Force (USSF) and the Space and the Missile Systems Center achieved another major Global Positioning System (GPS) milestone on July 27 when the GPS III Space Vehicle (SV) 03 r ... more
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Beidou's eye can help spot and stop rampant illegal mining
Beijing (XNA) Aug 07, 2020
More than 100 officials in Gansu province were held accountable three years ago for illegal coal mining on the northern slope of the Qilian Mountains on the Gansu-Qinghai border. However, nobody has ... more
Air Force navigation technology satellite passes critical design review
Kirtland AFB NM (SPX) Aug 07, 2020
The Navigation Technology Satellite - 3 (NTS-3) spacecraft passed Critical Design Review (CDR) on June 25, a major milestone, allowing L3Harris, the prime contractor for the spacecraft, to proceed i ... more
Software upgrades for Beidou to continue
Beijing (XNA) Aug 07, 2020
Designers of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System will keep upgrading software on Beidou satellites to improve their capabilities and maintain technological advantages, according to a key figu ... more
Full global service of Beidou signals space tech independence
Beijing (XNA) Aug 03, 2020
Although launched more than one month ago, the official operation of the 55th and last satellite of the Beidou-3 Navigation Satellite System was formally announced by President Xi Jinping at a cerem ... more
Beidou also belongs to world
Beijing (XNA) Aug 03, 2020
China has been striving to foster international cooperation in space-based navigation and positioning as well as applications for its Beidou system, said the China Satellite Navigation Office. ... more
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China's self-developed BDS officially opens for global users with upgraded services
Beijing (XNA) Aug 03, 2020
China declared the official commissioning of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) on Friday, marking the formal opening of the newly completed BDS-3 system for global users. The BDS sy ... more
Xi unveils Beidou full-scale coverage
Beijing (XNA) Aug 03, 2020
President Xi Jinping announced on Friday that China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System has been completed and has started providing full-scale global services that day. Xi, who is also gener ... more
Latvia becomes ESA Associate Member State
Paris (ESA) Jul 30, 2020
Latvia signed an Association Agreement with ESA on 30 June 2020. This Association Agreement between ESA and the Government of the Republic of Latvia, builds on the successful results achieved under ... more
Last BeiDou satellite starts operation in network
Beijing (XNA) Jul 30, 2020
The 55th and last satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has commenced operation in the network after completing in-orbit tests and network access evaluations, according to a stat ... more
Garmin says systems back online after cyber attack
San Francisco (AFP) July 27, 2020
Computer networks of the smartwatch and electronics firm Garmin were coming back online Monday, the company said, after an outage widely believed to have been due to a ransomware attack. ... more

Garmin says outage continues but user data 'not affected'

BeiDou adopted in unmanned farm machines in Xinjiang
Urumqi, China (SPX) Jul 21, 2020
The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has been adopted in more than 10,000 unmanned farm tractors and spraying drones in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, according to the r ... more
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Honeywell expands navigation options for precise data in areas without GPS
Phoenix AZ (SPX) Jul 17, 2020
Honeywell is introducing the HGuide n380, a new inertial navigation system that communicates position, orientation and velocity of an object - such as an autonomous vehicle or unmanned aerial vehicl ... more
SMC contracts for Joint Modernized GPS Handheld Device across multiple suppliers
Los Angeles AFB CA (AFNS) Jul 13, 2020
On June 26, the United States Space Force's Space and Missile Systems Center awarded three separate Rapid Prototyping agreements to Collins Aerospace, Raytheon Intelligence and Space and Technology ... more
UP42 Adds exactEarth Ship Tracking Data to Geospatial Marketplace
Berlin, Germany (SPX) Jul 09, 2020
UP42 has announced that global ship tracking data from exactEarth Ltd. is now offered on the UP42 developer platform and marketplace for Earth observation data and analytics. The exactEarth partners ... more
New satellite constellation to boost Australia's national security capability amid rising tensions
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Jul 07, 2020
Australian based company LatConnect 60 has has announced a global space partnership to build and deploy a smart satellite constellation over Australian skies to help the Australian government and co ... more
GPS isn't just for road trips anymore
Washington DC (SPX) Jul 03, 2020
When it comes to nifty farm gadgets and technology, there are many neat tools. Tractor guidance is definitely one of them, thanks to how it helps farmers better use their resources. Tractor gu ... more
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Colombia close to resuming aerial spraying of coca crops
Bogota (AFP) Aug 24, 2020
Colombia's government said on Monday it will resume the controversial practice of aerial spraying of coca plantations following a spike in gang-related violence. Colombia's is the world's biggest producer of cocaine, the raw material of which is coca leaves. It stopped aerial spraying in 2015 over health concerns but has long come under pressure from the United States - the largest impo ... more
+ Fabric of success: how 'lotus silk' is weaving its way into Vietnam
+ China's crash diet begs the question: is it facing a food crisis?
+ Australia blocks Chinese firm's bid to buy major dairy company
+ Chile slaps record fine on Norwegian salmon producer
+ China's rat, cobra farmers feel coronavirus pain
+ Desert greenhouses offer growth opportunities
+ Farmers should share burden of cultivating wild bees, researchers say
Pentagon: It's time to bring microelectronics manufacturing to the U.S.
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 20, 2020
The U.S. government must entice companies to do more microelectronics manufacturing in the United States, the Pentagon's undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment said Thursday. During a prerecorded "fireside chat" at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Electronics Resurgence Initiative summit, Ellen Lord said the fact that most microelectronics are manufactured offshor ... more
+ DARPA Selects Teams to Increase Security of Semiconductor Supply Chain
+ Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
+ Spin, spin, spin: researchers enhance electron spin longevity
+ US court overturns Qualcomm defeat in antitrust case
+ 'Drawn-on-skin' electronics offer breakthrough in wearable monitors
+ Scientists discover new class of semiconducting entropy-stabilized materials
+ "Giant atoms" enable quantum processing and communication in one

U.S. Army pilot commitment extended to 10 years
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 21, 2020
Army pilots will be required to serve at least 10 years, four years longer than the previous policy, Army officials said this week. The service obligation begins after graduation from flight training classes, and does not apply to personnel currently in training. The new policy, with a commitment identical to that of the U.S. Air Force, will begin in October, and applies to part-time Ar ... more
+ Enemy jammer takes first test flight aboard EA-18G Growler
+ F-35 hiccup on road to Israel-UAE accord
+ Prop plane boasts speed of a jet, fuel efficiency of a car at fraction of cost
+ Chinese airlines' losses mitigated by domestic travel
+ Polish and US air forces participate in bilateral exercise
+ B-52s arrive in Britain for NATO exercises
+ NASA takes delivery of GE jet engine for X-59
Uber-Lyft back off plans to suspend California ride services
San Francisco (AFP) Aug 20, 2020
Uber and rideshare rival Lyft on Thursday backed away from plans to halt service in California after an appeals court granted them a temporary reprieve from having to reclassify drivers as employees. A judge had originally given Uber and Lyft until Friday to comply with a labor law on the matter, which went into effect at the start of this year. "The petitions are granted and the prelimi ... more
+ Uber-Lyft to stop California services absent reprieve
+ Uber chief: law could idle operations in California
+ Uber calls for new deal for 'gig economy' workers
+ Road test: Chinese 'robotaxis' take riders for a spin
+ Uber earnings hit hard as pandemic stalls revenue
+ Uber keeps Asia HQ in Singapore, ditching Hong Kong move
+ Volkswagen has paid $9.5 bn to US drivers over 'dieselgate'
EOS Data Analytics to launch satellite with Dragonfly Multispectral Imagers in 2022
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 27, 2020
EOS Data Analytics has announced the conclusion of an agreement with Dragonfly Aerospace for the delivery of two HR-250 high-performance multispectral imagers. A satellite equipped with the Dragonfl ... more
Despite pandemic-related setbacks, the NewSpace industry has new players enter the field
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 05, 2020
In the United States, NewSpace companies, including SpaceX, Rocket Lab, and Firefly Aerospace, and giants like Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, and Lockheed Martin, have avoided the massive layo ... more
Redcliffe Partners' Ukrainian Space Regulation Review
Kyiv, Ukraine (SPX) Sep 24, 2020
Over the past decade, the aerospace industry has evolved from a race by countries for kudos into an accelerator of economic and scientific development, where technology travels freely between differ ... more
Chinese minister says EU investment deal is close
Paris (AFP) Aug 30, 2020
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday in Paris that a China-EU investment deal could be reached by the end of the year. His remark came against a backdrop of persistent diplomatic tension between Beijing and the United States. Wang said Europe and China had a responsibility to work for "a more stable world" that would benefit from an agreement that has been in the works for severa ... more
+ Asian markets reverse morning rally, Buffett boosts Tokyo
+ China stokes tensions with fresh probe into Australian wine
+ Merkel raises 'doubts' over EU-Mercosur trade pact
+ Asian markets hurt by fresh tensions, eyes on Powell speech
+ Trade talks, virus treatment help markets post fresh gains
+ Macron to meet Chinese foreign minister in Paris as China cosies up to EU
+ Hong Kong slams US decision to end tax, extradition deals
Brazil funding flip-flop triggers alarm; Protesters end roadblock
Brasilia (AFP) Aug 29, 2020
Brazil's environment ministry triggered an outcry Friday by announcing it was halting all operations against wildfires and Amazon deforestation because of budget cuts, before reversing course and saying it would maintain them. It was the latest awkward moment on the environment for the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right climate change skeptic who has faced scathing inter ... more
+ Toronto seeks to save oak tree older than Canada
+ Brazil military plane flew illegal Amazon miners: prosecutors
+ Fight over Myanmar's marble hills; Amazon protesters resume roadblock
+ Brazil VP challenges DiCaprio to a hike in the jungle
+ NASA study maps the roots of global mangrove loss
+ Increasing indigenous property rights could help save the rainforest
+ World's most pristine tropical forests remain vulnerable to deforestation

Gaofen 7 observation satellite starts formal duties
Beijing (XNA) Aug 24, 2020
Designed to assist in land surveying, Gaofen 7 begins serving ministries China's best optical Earth-observation satellite for civil use has finished its in-orbit tests and started formal operation on Thursday. At a handover ceremony at the China National Space Administration on Thursday morning, designers of the Gaofen 7 announced that the satellite had begun serving its major users- ... more
+ Improving weather forecasts with observations from the microwave instruments onboard China's FY-3D satellite
+ A cloud-free Iceland
+ Observation satellite starts formal duties
+ China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite
+ New data product warns Alaska pilots of clouds, dangerously cold weather
+ Ozone levels across Northern Hemisphere have been rising for 20 years
+ Ball Aerospace completes airborne flights of small instruments to enable future Landsat missions
Scientists open new window into the nanoworld
Boulder CO (SPX) Jul 20, 2020
University of Colorado Boulder researchers have used ultra-fast extreme ultraviolet lasers to measure the properties of materials more than 100 times thinner than a human red blood cell. The team, led by scientists at JILA, reported its new feat of wafer-thinness this week in the journal Physical Review Materials. The group's target, a film just 5 nanometers thick, is the thinnest material ... more
+ The smallest motor in the world
+ Crystalline 'nanobrush' clears way to advanced energy and information tech
+ Transporting energy through a single molecular nanowire
+ To make an atom-sized machine, you need a quantum mechanic
+ Magnetic nanoparticles help researchers remotely release adrenal hormones
+ New DNA origami motor breaks speed record for nano machines

Britain, Belgium to collaborate on MQ-9B drone acquisition
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 19, 2020
Britain and Belgium signed a statement of intent to work together after both countries acquire the MQ-9B drone, they announced this week. The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System is built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems of San Diego, and is known as the Protector RG Mk1 in Europe. In remote signing ceremonies on Tuesday, Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston of the Royal Air Force a ... more
+ Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza over balloon attacks
+ SqwaQ demonstrates BVLOS UAS flight capabilities for controlled airspace
+ Turkish drone kills 2 Iraqi officers in Kurdish region: army
+ Air Force holds electronic warfare exercise with classified stealth drone
+ Swiss Army Chooses Lockheed Martin's Indago 3 UAS For Tactical Reconnaissance And Surveillance
+ Image processing algorithm allows indoor drones to fly autonomously
+ VTOL demonstration at JEB Little Creek showcases REALL Technology
Finnish town offers prizes to turn residents green
Lahti, Finland (AFP) Aug 27, 2020
Inhabitants of a town in Finland can now earn rewards, including bus tickets or free food, if they cut car use, under a scheme to lure the public into lower-carbon lifestyles. The EU-funded "CitiCap" project allows individuals in the town of Lahti to track their carbon emissions as they move around, using an app that detects whether they are in a car, on public transport, walking or cycling. ... more
+ Finnish town offers prizes to turn residents green
+ Russia bristles at proposed EU carbon tax
+ Sri Lanka rations power after Chinese generator crashes during blackout
+ Wind and solar power at record high in 2020, coal dips: analysis
+ France to ban heated terraces in anti-pollution drive
+ Energy majors 'spend 90%' on fossil fuels despite climate pledges
+ Delayed and downsized, but will Tokyo Olympics be greener?

The factory of the future, batteries not included
Boston MA (SPX) Aug 24, 2020
Many analysts have predicted an explosion in the number of industrial "internet of things" (IoT) devices that will come online over the next decade. Sensors play a big role in those forecasts. Unfortunately, sensors come with their own drawbacks, many of which are due to the limited energy supply and finite lifetime of their batteries. Now the startup Everactive has developed industr ... more
+ Russian chemists proposed a new design of flow batteries
+ Red bricks can be charged, store energy
+ DLR and MTU Aero Engines study fuel cell propulsion system for aviation
+ Room temperature superconductivity creeping toward possibility
+ First results of an upgraded device highlight lithium's value for producing fusion
+ Thermal storage units that repair themselves
+ Quest advances to recreate sun's energy on earth
Thailand delays $724m China submarine deal after public anger
Bangkok (AFP) Aug 31, 2020
Thailand delayed on Monday its $724 million purchase of two submarines from China, following public outrage over the controversial deal as the kingdom's economy flatlines due to the coronavirus pandemic. Under a 2015 deal, Thailand was one of the first countries to buy Chinese naval hardware and finalised its purchase of three submarines in 2017, with the first one expected to be delivered i ... more
+ Vinson carrier departs Bremerton, Wash., for sea trials, then San Diego
+ Navy's next littoral combat ship completes acceptance trials
+ Federal agents questioning sailor about Bonhomme Richard fire
+ Turkey's bid to become maritime powerhouse unsettles Mediterranean
+ Navy's information warfare research effort gets $400M in new funding
+ Britain to lead multinational effort to train Ukrainian navy
+ Submarine tender USS Emory S. Land arrives home for maintenance

Marines to build 100,000-square-foot wargaming center in Virginia
Washington DC (UPI) Aug 25, 2020
The Marine Corps announced plans Tuesday to break ground on a new wargaming facility in Quantico, Va., next year. The 100,000-square-foot facility will, according to the Marines, house more than a dozen wargames each year - including two large-scale, 250-person exercises intended to offer a realistic representation of future operating environments. The facility will include an a ... more
+ Pentagon policy for immigrant troops violates citizenship law, judge rules
+ Marines end use of photos in assignments, promotions
+ Report: Russia now has 'holistic' approach to warfare
+ Jacqueline D. Van Ovost becomes only female four-star leader in DoD
+ NATO resumes disposal of obsolete ammunition in Ukraine
+ Army develops vibration-based system for land mine identification
+ Army Secretary acknowledges Fort Hood concerns during visit
Gaofen 7 observation satellite starts formal duties
Beijing (XNA) Aug 24, 2020
Designed to assist in land surveying, Gaofen 7 begins serving ministries China's best optical Earth-observation satellite for civil use has finished its in-orbit tests and started formal operation on Thursday. At a handover ceremony at the China National Space Administration on Thursday morning, designers of the Gaofen 7 announced that the satellite had begun serving its major users- ... more
+ Improving weather forecasts with observations from the microwave instruments onboard China's FY-3D satellite
+ A cloud-free Iceland
+ Observation satellite starts formal duties
+ China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite
+ New data product warns Alaska pilots of clouds, dangerously cold weather
+ Ozone levels across Northern Hemisphere have been rising for 20 years
+ Ball Aerospace completes airborne flights of small instruments to enable future Landsat missions

NASA selects proposals for new space environment missions
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 31, 2020
NASA has selected five proposals for concept studies of missions to help improve understanding of the dynamics of the Sun and the constantly changing space environment with which it interacts around Earth. The information will improve understanding about the universe as well as offer key information to help protect astronauts, satellites, and communications signals - such as GPS - in space. ... more
+ NASA engineers checking InSight's weather sensors
+ TWTS and 3D Printing
+ US to spend $625 mn on super-computing research centers
+ Spacepath Communications wins large order for solid-state RF power amplifiers
+ NOAA selects Orbit Logic for enterprise scheduling
+ 'FreeFortnite' tournament taunts Apple amid legal battle
+ New ground station brings laser communications closer to reality
Russia testing news S-500 Systems, mass production on the way
Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 25, 2020
Deputy Defence Minister Aleksey Krivoruchko announced that Russia Armed Forces are looking to receive the first batch of the newest systems in 2021. The full-scale supply of the S-500s is scheduled for 2025. Russia has begun tests of its advanced S-500 surface-to-air missile systems, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borisov told journalists at the Army-2020 forum. The official add ... more
+ Advanced Patriot missile fails in live-fire test
+ Lockheed nets $18.8M to support Japan's Aegis Ashore system
+ IBCS engages advanced tactical ballistic missile and cruise missile during rigorous test
+ US Japan to build network of satellites to detect missile launches
+ MBDA and Lockheed Martin submit proposal for Germany's Integrated Air And Missile Defense System
+ IBCS intercepts multiple targets, demonstrates resiliency and survivability in contested environment
+ Israel, U.S. test Arrow 2 missile interceptor system
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